Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Preview of the ASUS Rampage IV Extreme

Hey all,

Today's the day that most people from the computing industry are waiting for. The time when ASUS showcases some of our upcoming motherboards based on the X79 chipset from Intel. While I cannot disclose the performance benchmarks yet, or any specific details about the numbers side, here's a little teaser of what's coming up for ASUS & Republic of Gamers. Pictures were taken by me, feel free to share them wherever you want.

Missing a few graphics cards, but 4-way SLI/CrossfireX capable natively. Without the NF200 chipset.

Another view of the 5x PCI-E slots. Can fit 4 dual-slot video cards, or 2 triple-slot video cards + 1x PCIe addon card.

The back IO of the Rampage IV Extreme, what can you see?

The top part of the ASUS Rampage IV Extreme, you can see the 8-DIMM design. Fitting 8 RAM slots is hard when you add so much features on a high-end motherboard, but we did it :)

The middle of the ASUS ROG Rampage IV Extreme. You can see clearly see the sexy colour scheme.

Southbridge PCH including an active fan.

6 of the SATA ports including the new Subzero Sense, integrates 2x Type-K probe digital thermometers onboard. For the Ln2 guys.

Another view of the sexy Rampage IV Extreme. Note all the heatsinks are connected via copper heatpipes for optimum cooling.

The OC Zone. The Overclocker's best friend. From L-R: Debug Q-LEDs, Voltage measure points for various points on the motherboard, PCIe x16 Lane Switch to test the status of VGAs. Start/Reset button. Slow mode jumper for the LN2 guys to get the best CPU clocks. Debug Q-CODE to get a hex reading of the current status of the motherboard.

If you look around the Internet, you should be able to see images & also videos of other ASUS X79 motherboards like the P9X79 series & also the newest Sabertooth motherboard, the Sabertooth X79!

Do you know who else loves our new ROG motherboard range? EA! We're partnering with EA to bundle a full version their awesome new Battlefield 3 game with a select range of products, more details will be available soon!

In the meantime, ASUS Australia will be showing more and more about the new gaming motherboards & video cards on Facebook which can be found here: CLICK ME <3

We'll be doing a few big things in the next few months, some exciting times!

Let me know your thoughts about the new motherboards, and ask any questions you may have :)


Monday, October 17, 2011

EB Games Expo 2011

The front entrance of EB Games Expo 2011

It has been said that the gaming industry generates more income than Hollywood does in making movies, Gartner, (a technology industry advisory) said the industry will be worth a mind-boggling $74 Billion in 2011, (yes, billion with a B). And the best way to check out the up and coming games are gaming conventions, where gaming hardware & software vendors strut their stuff to prospective customers. All around the world, there are some gaming expos that are bigger than others; America has E3, Europe has GamesCom and Australia had nothing - till EB Games Expo.

Estimated about 15,000 gamers walking through the doors over the weekend.

The outside of exhibition centre, showcasing the Battlefield 3 game.

Originally open to EB Games store managers and other VIP guests, this year EB Games & gaming vendors opened their products to the Australian media and Australian gamers. Held at the Gold Coast, (EB Games' head office is in Brisbane), it was estimated that 15,000 gamers would pass through the door - and it happened. Over 13,000 tickets were sold before the event even started - the night before, the only way to get in was by lining up in the morning of the event - trying your luck to see if you could purchase one at the door.

Image courtesy of

The entrance of the exhibition centre.

Tickets were available to Australian gamers months before the event started, a general admission ticket purchased online would cost you $29.95. Die-hard gamers may purchase the VIP experience ticket, (limited to 400 per session) for $99.95. Both tickets will only give you one session of entry over the weekend, at six hours per session. The biggest benefit of VIP was the ability to join "VIP-only" lines to try out games.

Gaming publishers from around the world attended this event, from 2K Games (Bioshock & NBA 2K series) showing off their new game; The Darkness II to the two big honchos; Electronic Arts & Activision Blizzard. While Blizzard was not a presence at the event, Activision brought their game to the Gold Coast, (pun not intended) offering a sneak peak of the highly-anticipated, (somewhat) game; Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 to a selected few gamers at any one time. The ten XBOX360 consoles were running a preview of COD:MW3 behind closed doors & Activision staff made sure no recording devices would leave the bags & pockets of the gamers.

Activision brought their game to Gold Coast ... with a tank.

Activision's queue was very long, wrapping around their huge stand, but was no match to EA Games' most hyped game; Battlefield 3, which received a lot of enthusiasm. Gamers were provided a sneak peak of the single player missions to the attendees, (played on PS3). Even though there was a public BETA for PC/XBOX360/PS3 - I think the line was even longer than COD:MW3. There as also a pretty big line around the Bethesda's new game; The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, It was large enough to block the gamers trying to reach the other side of the room.

The VIP line for COD:MW3

Part of the line waiting for a chance to play BF3's single player.

The EB Arena was were all the action lied, game publishers were given the opportunity to talk to thousands of gamers on the huge screen. Pyrotechnics, strobe lighting were used plentiful as the guys from DICE, THQ, Ubisoft, Square Enix and other vendors showcased their upcoming games with game trailers and even a quick demo of their biggest games coming to Australian gamers. There were even motorcycles doing backflips, front flips, superman grabs & seat grabs - all from inside the hall to everyone's amazement and awe!

Daniel & Lars talking about DICE's implementation of battlelog.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 creators, Square Enix demoing their new game.

Assassin's Creed

Stunts performed by some crazy guys on motorcycles.

Aside from the games, the other big attraction was the finals of the World Cyber Games National final. The four games present were; League of Legends. CounterStrike 1.6, Starcraft II & FIFA 11. EB Expo attendees were treated with a rare sight, watching the professional gamers battling it out for an invite to the WCG Finals held in Korea in December. Congratulations go to Muzza from Frenetic Array for beating Team Immunity's Mark Azzi in a thrilling FIFA 11 match played on the EB Arena stage, where hundreds of people watched, final score was; 1-2, 3-1 1-0. Muzza was all cheers the day after the win, saying that he was very excited to be attending the finals in Korea, and was a big win for Fray and their members.

Spectators watching professional gamers watching their monitors.

Fray also had a League of Legends team in the WCG National Final, but they couldn't fend off Sequential Gaming, who cleaned up Fray with a 2-0 win a few hours ago. Team Immunity's CounterStrike 1.6 team finished off with a win over DinQ around 9PM (the event closes its doors to the public at 4PM). Moonglade walks out with another win under his belt taking out tgun from FXO.

Moonglade & his girlfriend watching his competition.

Death from Archaic in a match of Starcraft II
Immunity's CS1.6 team playing in their semi-finals.

A huge TV was set up to allow spectators to watch on a bigger screen than a 22"

It was hard to not say that this event impressed me, it has been the biggest gaming event I've been to in Australia and with the organisers confirming that Sydney will host the 2012 EB Games Expo - the event can only get bigger and better.

Random Pics:

Final Fantasy showgirls

Itsa him!

Razer were showcasing their BF3 peripherals for the PC & console market

The AR Drone controlled via a Galaxy S II phone.

I like Sonic's chances.

deadmau5 is a Super Mario fan I think.